The idea of an App

Traders Club - The Bullet Token
2 min readMar 10, 2022

Having spent enough time within the crypto space, we came to an urgent conclusion: we need something for everyone. Something that provides fair chance to all. And we have it now:

1. Trading platform

If you’re only getting started, we suggest only using a small amount of investment, to get used to the features. You’ll simply need to connect your wallet, and pre-approve any tokens you’ll be swapping.

You will benefit of the lowest taxes available in the market, will have the option to place buy or sell orders, just like on any CEX but the most important fact is, that you won’t miss anymore entries or exits with this tool!

Also, you will find other very useful tools within the trading platform. Some of them are described bellow.

2. Copy Trades

Many influencers have decided to start trading themselves. A lot of other professional traders already share their trades and portofolio!

What if they decide to share their trades? And what if you are able to copy them, and let them work for your wallet? Of course, in both interest, as you will share a fee, or a percentage of your win when you close the deals!

3. Untraceable Trade

One of the issues that influencers or traders have, is frontrunning bots! They face themselves forced to see themselves outrun by bots, so their buy price increases a lot, or even worse, their trades fail, while using low slippage.

Now, we provide them o solution. But you may have it as well. You can now trade without being frontruned!

4. Alerts/Calendar Events

How many times have you missed launches? Or other important events like IDOs, private sales or presales?

With our tool, you will be able to organize you time and space more efficient!

You will be able to plan even your snipes and be alerted!