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9 min readDec 12, 2022


Hello everyone!

Based on the latest events and tons of lies addressed to the Bullet Team&App from a notorious scammer, Bossy, we feel the need to cover this story, from our perspective, documented with screenshots, as well, so that users can have a serious opinion, based on facts and probed.
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First, we’d want to start by saying that we never believed it can get here. We were warned by the doubtful character that “influencer” has, but we were confident that once he sees what we can deliver, he’ll have no reasons to scam or steal!

To continue,

We’ve supported RatBoy from the first day. As well as we did with OpenAI!
Not gonna lie about this one and hide behind the finger!

While talking about RatBoy, we were among the biggest wallets!

Since DD has been in close contact with them, he told the RatBoy team that we may have an idea to help them and provide an utility for the project so that it won’t be just a simple meme. Just another bullshit launch, where investors can actually get real benefits!

This way we’ve came to the ideea of the Wallet Guardian — A Bullet Product.

We agreed to provide the product FREE OF CHARGE, in exchange for calls + updates + support we will get from Bossy & Venom and some other guys that you told us that we will help to get us exposure for BULLET as a team, as a project. The only cost the team had to support was a super discounted price for additional development and changes, equipment and management/support.

What we got:

1 — Call from Bossy

What we didn’t get:

1 — Updates from Bossy, Support from Bossy

2 — Calls from Venom, Support from Venom

3 — Calls from friends’ channels, Support from friends’ channels

As can be seen in the screenshots, we have addressed these questions multiple times, each time no one knew, no one realised. Once, he even promised himself to do it…

Proof that Bossy lied about calls he had to make

At this point, we knew that they won’t deliver what we agreed, so we decided to let it be, and maybe approach on a later stage these, to increase exposure for the Bullet App as it should have been done by them.

The guys from RatBoy only paid for changes that they requested and were needed for their app, as well as servers and nodes to be able to operate on bsc, dogechain, matic, ftm and eth.

After the good exposure they got from us and the way BULLET team delivered exactly what we agreed initially, we initiated a discussion in Dubai at Crypto Expo and agreed to create a launchpad for RatBoy.

We agreed to make it for them for the price of 23k (We will provide all the screenshots of the discussion).


As per the Wallet Guardian, the initial payment has been provided as discussed and without any issue.

Problems started to occur starting the 2nd month, when all the intention from Bossy was to mimic intentions of payment and providing the utility, and actually avoid payments as much possible.

When we explained them that they decided too late to kill Wallet Guardian(without even noticing the users — this can very easy help you understand how much they care about their users, as long as OVER 250 accounts had tokens purchased via Wallet Guardian and the tool was monitoring them) since we already paid for equipment, they agreed to pay half and a rest of 2.5k to be paid by the end of the month.

This last payment has been never made. We came again into assistance, when they decided to stop and kill their OWN UTILITY for the token, since they did not notice any holder of RatBoy and user of the Wallet Guardian. At this point, about 150 open orders were on the app. You can see that even in the screenshot were we are explaining the wrong path they chose!

We held from our own pockets the app, and assisted several users into transferring the tokens they purchased, into Bullet App, so that their funds remained safe.

Regarding the Launch pad, first AND THE ONLY payment was $12.5k ($2.5k was an outstanding amount for the last month of nodes and servers that Bossy didn’t pay even though deadline was 3 weeks over) so for the launchpad, they paid $10k and the you should have paid another $13k after the launchpad was done.

This payment has been made WEEKS after they lied their entire community that they already started work on the Launchpad. Payment TX proves it. AND THERE IS ONLY ONE PAYMENT! Not 3, as you will see in the screenshots, as Bossy lied the whole community!

The screenshots of his 2 pinned messages posts from his channel saying that 3/4 payments for the launchpad has been paid, right after he pinned one with the only tx sent for us for 12.5k (

He was trying to imply that they’ve sent (12.5 x 3) 37,5k for the launchpad so far and they will have to send the last payment of 12.5k total worth of 50k.

It’s clear they wanted to say for everybody that the cost for the launchpad will be 50k, so they can get out from marketing wallet more than half.

We worked 11 days on the launchpad, and it was 90% done on our end. Then, Bossy invited another whale from the RatBoy community who had dev’ing skills (Moon Dan) and told us, that we should put everything on hold and change everything because they want another approach on the features of the launchpad. A complete 180 degrees twist over the agreement.

They kept delaying and delaying…

We had no problem into that, after all it’s their product and their request. This time they will be providing the utility and idea, we will be providing the development work. But obviously, there will be more costs.

We’ve waited, weeks for the new userstory and technical requirements, so that we can provide an estimation of time and cost, without any reply.

After the launch of OpenAi (which was DD’s idea, the guys were mad that he sold on the way up, dripping like 0.3 ETH / TX over 6 days.

He actually started selling from 500k MC to 5m, 0.3 ETH. He actually sold his 4% bag he bought early, as they all had the CA, before it reached ATH!

(He had the lowest % of supply among all the team, as they got many wallets) ALL OF THEM use another sniper just because it provides multiwallets, and provides them the solution to buy huge amounts at launch in order to gain INSANE profits over their own holders.

Like in any dictatorship, when you start having opinions, the self proclaimed leader will be bothered and so they said they decided they don’t want us to work on the launchpad, and we should refund the 12.5k they sent us.

proof than Bullet Team did not scam, steal or lie. The only lies come from them!

Amount was afterwards reduced to 10k, as they suddenly “remembered” some of the obligations they had. Also, you can see in the screenshot their exact reason of dropping the deal and expecting money paid for work back! They admit on being Ok on OpenAI, so team should refund.

You will find attached screenshot with the cost detailed for the amount of time worked for the Launchpad.

Discounted prices for “partners” that never held their own part of a deal

As a confirmation of low character from Bossy and the scumbag one can be, he started blackmailing DD that if we won’t send back the funds THEY HAD TO PAY for OUR WORK on the launchpad, they will disclose a GoDaddy domain name info DD had purchased ( with a photo of his name and a phone number. Little do they know that we are all KYCed and Doxxed. But this approach only shows again the true nature of a scammer and a thief!

In the end he made DD sell his RatBoy bag he bought for 38BNB and holding for months, for 15 bnb or he will ‘’steal my funds’’! He probably meant blacklist, as he already did with others that took out profits in his projects.

It’s not the first time he blacklists investors! Some of his words in images:

words speak for themselves…

As a conclusion, and proof of respect Bullet Team has for all the projects it gets involved into:
1. on OpenAI we won’t disclose crucial information about team wallets, how much of the supply they sniped, sold and currently hold,

2. and as far as RatBoy community, you all should know that you were only able to keep funds safe in the Wallet Guardian because Bullet Team insisted for that and than held the app working from their pockets and we also AGREED to complete the work and have the launchpad live, as agreed, if Bossy agreed to pay what he owns.

Of course, this can change anytime!

If he will still be acting stupid and will keep spreading lies, we have no option just to leak screenshots of him manipulating all launches around him and stealing from investors, such as:

  1. big buy contests
  2. buying bottoms and selling tops on his own coins
  3. how he fake pumps charts and using his followers as exit liquidity
  4. fake hype everytime and laughing in private ‘’see that worked?’’
  5. how he pre-pumps all his coins
  6. he launched a lot of coins but saying ‘’based team launch, have no other info, will probably pump’’ then it sells on his community

LE1: This is how a “safe” project looks! Over 25 wallets hold each over 1% of the total supply, while the whole LP is 6%!!!
Of course they are not Bossy&The Gang! And those lines do not show wallet connections :)

LE2: How fake one can be and how botted the channel?
STOP PAYING illusions, fakes and scammers!
Compare the reach/views between the two articles.
And do not forget he’s an “influencer”

Left image shows the views of this article vs right image what a Botted channel with 25k members gets on a regular post!

These having been said, The Bullet is here for almost one year now, Token live for over 6 months, and will be here years to come! We’ll see about the scammers!
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