BulletApp is wrecking scammers?

Damn right we are…

This is how a scammer’s wallet looks like when #bullet is in action! https://bscscan.com/address/0x054578a760D7fdea4949A23FCc679c1D6FFA2128

We were 5 Bullet App users in that token! And because the scammer wanted to remove liquidity, he got failed TXes as Bullet users sold before him!

Quatar Doge Scammer’s Wallet
Quatar Doge Chart with the Scammer trying to remove Liquidity
Bullet App in action when Quatar Doge Scammer tried to Remove Liquidity!

Why use the Bullet App?
✅ saved from Remove Liquidity
✅ made us +3X profits from a scam!



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